Monday, January 4, 2021

2021 A-to-Z Reading Challenge

What is the A-to-Z Reading Challenge?

Now in its fourth year, the A-to-Z Reading Challenge is a laid-back, year-long reading challenge hosted by Bookstacks & Golden Moms. Readers choose and complete a book starting with each letter of the alphabet.

26 books with optional mini-challenges for each month (12/12)

JANUARY – A book you purchased in 2020 but didn’t read - The Golden Scales (Makana, #1) by Parker Bilal

FEBRUARY – A book with non-romantic love (siblings, parent-child, friendships) - The Chelsea Girls by Fiona Davis

MARCH – A book written by a person of a different race than you - A Rising Man (Sam Wyndham, #1) by Abir Mukherjee

APRIL – A book with an Autistic main character (April is Autism Awareness) - Engage at Dawn: Seize and Destroy (Engage at Dawn, #2) by Edward M. Hochsmann

MAY – A book about a nurse (Nat. Nurses Week 2021 is May 6-12) - The Thursday Murder Club (Thursday Murder Club, #1) by Richard Osman

JUNE – A co-written book (2 authors) - The Little Book of Capital Cities: A Quiz by Peter Keyne and Rudolf Amsel

JULY – A Christmas book (Christmas in July!) - Not A Creature Was Stirring (Gregor Demarkian, #1) by Jane Haddam

AUGUST – A book by an Indie author (self-published or independent) - Skid Kids by Michael Franz

SEPTEMBER – A memoir/biography - The Church of Tango: A Memoir by Cherie Magnus

OCTOBER – A book written by a new-to-you author - Wreckers: A Denver Boyd Novel by George Ellis

NOVEMBER – A book outside your normal genre - The Me Monster by Timothy L. Carver

DECEMBER – A backlist title (published BEFORE Jan 1, 2021) - Zone One by Colson Whitehead

A – Aeverless 3.2 by Jones Harwell (See my review on Reedsy Discovery!)

B – Beneath the Waves (A Kira Hunter Novella, #1) by Nora Cabot (See my review here!)

C – Chelsea Girls, The by Fiona Davis (See my review on Fresh Fiction!)

D – Deadland by Sawyer Hall (See my review!)

E – Elephant Cage, The by Greg Powell (See my review!)

F – Fools Rush In (Lady Vigilante, #19) by Hayley Camille (See my review!)

G – Golden Scales, The (Makana, #1) by Parker Bilal (See my review!)

H – Hope, Faith, and a Corpse (A Faith Chapel Mystery, #1) by Laura Jensen Walker (See my review!)

I – Incomplete Artist, The (Ashley Westgard, #2) by Philip Wyeth (See my review!)

J – Jar of Pickles, A (Lady Vigilante, #18) by Hayley Camille (See my review!)

K – Kicker One (Frankie Scarmazino, #1) by Cy Young (See my review!)

L – Loving Modigliani: The Afterlife of Jeanne Hebuterne by Linda Lappin (See my review!)

M – Murder Off Broadway: A Pet Portraits Cozy Mystery by Sandi Scott (See my review!)

N – Nuclear Midnight (Savage Dawn, #1) by Robert Cole (See my review!)

O – Old Buzzard Had It Coming, The (Alafair Tucker, #1) by Donis Casey

P – Pint of No Return (Shake Shop Mystery, #1) by Dana Mentink (See my review!)

Q – Quench by Xondra Day (See my short review)

R – Rhino Charge (A Kenya Kanga Mystery, #3) by Victoria Tait (See my review!)

S – Shifting Sides (A Shift in Space, #0.5) by Danielle Forrest (See my review!)

T – The Thursday Murder Club (Thursday Murder Club, #1) by Richard Osman (See my review!)

U – Undead Annihilation (Undead, #1) by Matthew Doggett (See my review!)

V – Vengeance is Mine (Red River Mystery, #4) by Reavis Z. Wortham

W – Wreckers: A Denver Boyd Novel by George Ellis (See my review!)

X – The Xyania Project (The Xyania Project, #1) - J.V. Nolan (See my review!)

Y – Yellow Wall-Paper, The by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (See my review!)

Z – Zone One - Colson Whitehead

As of 12/12/2021, I've read 26 of 26 and 12 of 12.


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